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Riding in Tandem Accidentally Shoots the Daughter of Their Victim in Front of ATM Machine!

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It is always advice to have an extra care and be attentive when you where in any public places especially when you have valuable things or money with you. We'll never know when and where are those bad incident will occur. As the country's poverty are getting higher the crime rates are also increasing.

This terrifying ATM robbery video is an example of most common incident that is happening in our modern generation. ATM machine is the most easiest way to access with you money earned from your work and savings, but, due to its open space, it is also the easiest way for the robber to get your money, just like what happened to this video.

Heartbreaking part was when the child run in front of the scene while her mother was struggling protecting their money, the other robber shoot the child at her back. At the end, robbers still got their money.

If you will notice even there are people near the incident area, they still can't help because they are afraid to be involve or to be victimize as well. Its better to give your money instead of risking your life or worst thing, your family. 
Terrifying ATM robbery! You won't believe what they do!
Just give them the money. What to do in situations like these - share link to warn others you care about. Be careful.~ @When In Manila
Posted by When In Manila on Friday, January 24, 2014


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  1. Is this is in the Philippines or another country? I mean if this happened in the Philippines then this should have been broadcast in the local news already. Or could this be just an act up?




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