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Newest Internet Sensation Claimed by Netizens to be the Next Yaya Dub! Watch Her Creative Videos!

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One of the most famous in every smartphones application nowadays is the lip syncing application which has music to be dub by a person. Many people are now enjoying this kind of thing, DubSmash was the first application that became famous and that is where Yaya Dub became popular as well. Yaya Dub easily became internet sensation as she also has very accurate talent in doing lip sync with this application.

Recently, one girl student from Saint Columbian College who is taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management now became famous because of her compilations of lip sync videos. People claim that she could be the next internet sensation like Yaya Dub.

Her name is Sammie Rimando, according to many netizens, aside from being talented with doing lip syncing she also beautiful, sexy and has the unusual charisma, they think that she can be the next Yaya dub in this generation.

Credits: Viral Sources

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