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MUST WATCH: Heart Breaking Story of a Man Who Couldn't Let His Wife Go!

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Z-virus ravaged civilization and nearly destroyed the entire humanity. But there is a savior that the world knows, he is a genius scientist who developed a way to fight the said virus, it is Dr. Ben Jacobs. He’s one of the heroes that suffered heartbreaking loss just to save our humanity.

His wife Alice was infected by the Z-virus and the world knew all along that his beloved wife is already dead. However, Ben has a secret in his house – Alice is not really dead, she’s one of the living dead.

For about a year now, Ben has been saving his wife and trying to stop the outbreak with the use of the serum that he invented while finding ways to cure her.

Each injects of the serum gives her more time and extended her human life on earth. She’s living with only books, TV and her husband beside her, in reality, Alice is living a half life.

Unable to accept the fact that medicine and science couldn’t cure his wife, Ben believes that with his love, he could cure her wife and save her from being a living dead. Sometimes time is ruthless, ready or not, he needs to let her go.

Source: Buzz Feed


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