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Mommy Pastillas' Killer Revealed: Hunt on the Gunman of Teresa Yap!

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Night of November 29,2015 when the mother of Angelica Yap also known as "Pastillas Girl" Ms. Teresita Hernandez was killed by shooting a bullet directly to her head with the unknown man.

According to the initial investigation, The councilor of Barangay Caloocan City had reviewed all the CCTV camera near the incident area, they found out that the suspect was conducting surveillance near the vicinity of the incident two weeks before it happened. 

The NBI now released the graphic sketch of the suspect that also closes to the Caloocan police sketch.

Novemember 15, 2015 when one concern citizen saw this suspect near the area, he asked the suspect, what is his intention and why he always stand near that area, The suspect replied that he is a policeman and he has a mission. After the suspect's statement, he never asked again any question and leave.

The family are asking everyone for help, by simply sharing the picture of this suspect for a faster investigation and to have the justice for the death of Ms. Hernandez.

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