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Miracle: Man’s Guardian Angel Caught During Accident While Saving His Life!

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“A man is lucky to be alive after he was in horrific car crash.” What’s behind this story is really frightening!

The photo was taken by Pastor Michael Clary; it shows that there’s a guardian angel saving a man’s life after involving in this kind of serious accident.

The driver’s relatives immediately took this as a miracle and they believed that it is really an angel. You can see in the picture, seems like he’s actually knelt with his hands up praying over him in the crushed remains of the car. The victim was treated in intensive care for a punctured lung; he also broke several ribs and even his collar bone.

However, in spite of what happened, the driver is expected to release soon and it is really unbelievable that he survived the accident and only his car was totally destroyed.

Source: Inform Overload

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