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Man Who Destroyed Yaya Dub and Julie Anne San Jose's Star in Walk of Fame Caught on CCTV!

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It was always a dream for every star from showbiz to have their own name on the famous "Philippine Walk of Fame", Kuya Germs Moreno is the local counterpart of Walk of Fame Hollywood. He is the one who is spending money to place the artist names. It is located at Eastwood, Libis Quezon City.

Who did it? According to German ‘Kuya Germs’ Moreno, the police are trying to identify the suspects caught on the CCTV around the Walk of Fame in Eastwood City, Quezon City
Last December 01, 2015 when the name of Maine Mendoza and Julie Anne San Jose was just recently installed for this year. But, many are now asking if there is really a war between their fans, it is because last time the management found out that their "walk of fame names" are damaged.  

Actually, there where no rivalry between Maine and Julie, there is just news that saying that Alden Richard and Julie Anne are in a relationship, During the presscon of "My Bebe love" Alden said that his relation with Maine is special friend, but when he was asked regarding the issue of him with Julie, he just said “Let’s not talk about people who are not here.”

Jose Mari Chan’s second best-selling Christmas album, Kuya Germs: 
Okay to support their idols but fans shouldn’t resort to violence.
Kuya Germs was really upset with what happened, Now, this case is under investigation, They will try to review all the CCTV  to find the suspect.

Source: Philstar


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