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Hunt on a Guy Named 'Jimboy' After Going Viral on Social Media!

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Currently, there is one video circulating the social media its about a girl who is crying so much for his ex-boyfriend named "Jimboy". You will see on the video the usual scene in any heartbroken situation especially when they are drunk.

Moving on to someone is one of the difficult things that any teenager may face.But they said, girls always have this kind of session whenever they're in a situation like this. Individual advice, cuddling while sharing thoughts of experience are their best way to help a brokenhearted friend.
Ba't naman kasi babaero ka Jimboy? Ginawa naman nya ang lahat.
Ba't naman kasi babaero ka Jimboy? Ginawa naman nya ang lahat.
Posted by Filipino Dubsmash on Friday, December 4, 2015

A lot of people is giving their different reaction about this young girls, Some people said that they must look after their studies instead of wasting their time thinking about this simple matter that does not. But, not all are there to judge them, someone uploaded her video with almost same scene but in their funniest way.


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