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He thought He Could Get Away After Taking Advantage of a Drunk Girl...Then this Horrifying Thing Happened!

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In our lives, sometimes we tend to forget doing the right things when we are in-need for something, like food,clothes,shelter and payment for many bills. Most of the time, selfishness arise when it was all about money, sometimes, we don't even care with the people around us, if we are hurting them or risking their lives because of our selfishness.

This intense short film will definitely make you realize the value of helping the others, put some care with the people around, maybe you will be the hope that they will have. There is nothing wrong with helping, its actually helps you become a good person.

It is the story of one proxy driver named Eui-seol. He really don't care about his clients for as long as he is earning many he will not care about the others surrounded him.

One night, a drunk girl client named Se-rim called him to help her drive home, because she is too drunk, the direction that she was saying to Eui-seol is wrong, e take her bag and pick the direction on her wallet.

He tried to take advantage of her while she was sleeping, touching her sensitive part and taking big amount of money on her wallet. After he dropped this girl in a creepy place he just left and continue with his job.

After three days watch what happened to the girl.

Watch the short film below:

C/S: Vidsee


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