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Ex-husband Uploaded the Private Pictures of His Ex-wife Online!

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One woman who has an ex - husband that is working as a seaman, the authorities help her after her Ex-husband uploaded online her private pictures. It was clearly said that the case is a "Cybercrime".

According to her all of those photos are from their personal video chats when they are far from each other. Her Ex-husband accused her that she has another man, he believed that she was cheating on him that why he decided to upload it on "Facebook".

She was totally ashamed with what this scandal cost her, she couldn't go out their house because almost all of their neighbor saw her private pictures. She tried to ask him to delete all of those photos, but instead he continues blackmailing her. 

Philippine National Police woman and Children protection Authority said that she can file a case of video voyeurism, domestic violence and internet blackmail. All of these cases will further investigate and handle under the PNP Anti-Cyber Crime group.

Source: GMA News


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