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Dad Willing to Sell His Kidney to Sustain Treatment of His Obese Children!

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This amazing father is one of the good example of a responsible loving dad, who can possibly do anything for his children.  This man is from Western India, he has four children and three of them are suffering from the obesity problem.

He is willing to sell his kidney just to sustain the treatment for his children. He has five-year-old weighs 34kg, Three-year-old weighs 48kg and 18-month-old weighs 15kg.

He is trying his best in providing the needs of his children even though he just earning $48 monthly. But because of too much eating, he notice that his children couldn't walk or move by themselves.

The most desperate things that comes to his mind is to sell his kidney for the treatment. He also said he willing to do that and risk his life rather than just watching his children suffer from that condition.

Source: Cracker Daily


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