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Controversial: Watch How DIY Braces Worth 2,000 Pesos Being Installed!

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In our generation where looks are very important, braces have become one of the status indicators how comfortable the person is financially. It will cost you 60, 000 or more when you avail from trusted dental clinics. Regardless of the warning from the PDA (Philippine Dental Association) against the use of DIY (do-it-yourself) or self-applied braces, still a lot of people choose to use those products. DIY sets were being sold online for as low as 2,000 pesos. So we cannot blame those who need braces but cannot afford it and those who only want to display this kind of status symbol to grab the opportunity of having their own set of braces. There are also tutorials that can be found on YouTube on how to use the DIY sets and apply it on their own.

The doctors cannot accentuate enough that if an untrained person persists of using DIY sets, it could results to unsightly gum recession. Instead of improving appearances, it could end up damaging your teeth and gums even more.

Dr. Almonte is a faculty member of the CEU School of Industry stated, “The greater danger would be the disruption of the intended modeling and remodeling of the bone. This results in bone loss, which is the primary support of the tooth structure. Without proper support from the bone, a tooth may become loose in its socket, or worse, it might even come off on its own”.

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DIY sets being sold online go for as low as 2,000 pesos. Perhaps not surprisingly, those who need braces but can’t afford it, or those who only want to flaunt this queer status symbol readily jump at the chance to own a set that cheap. (Video by Doc Edwin Zuniga Argamino) |
Posted by LionhearTV on Wednesday, December 2, 2015
Credits: LionheartTV

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