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Controversial: Road Assasination Caught on CCTV! Watch How it Unexpectedly Happened!

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It is really frightening to witness those incident that may harm a lot of people, just like what this video has, it was a CCTV footage in one street in the Philippines, At first, you might think that this is just a normal scene everyday in the common round, but watch until.....

Assassination is one of the scariest thing to witness. You could notice that there are two person hiding in the upper right corner of the road. The waited until they got the chance to shoot the bullet into one black car. 

Posted by Poypoy Dalope on Saturday, December 5, 2015
People in area was alarmed by this situation, until now there is no clue why these bad guys wants to kill the person inside the car. Luckily, there is no resident reported was harm by this incident. This footage was spread to warn the public with the danger of our modern surroundings. 

Credits: Popoy Dalope

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