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Controversial: Philippines Will Be Banned from Joining International Beauty Pageants!

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Everyone of us know that one of the most competitive countries in the world is Philippines especially when it comes to any beauty pageants. Aside from choosing beautiful lady, selecting the most talented and the brightest Filipina are always priorities to ensure that we could get the crown.

If we could still remember in 2013, Philippines won the two title, Miss World 2013 and Miss International 2013 in the same year, then now, Philippines won Miss Earth twice in a row, Miss Earth 2014 and Miss Earth 2015. 

Because of this matter there was an alleged institute saying that the country will be ban for the next two years because of the continuous achievement that they are receiving. Philippines is not allowed to send their representative for any world pageant.

Association of Beauty Pageant Franchise Holders (ABPFH) was the one who is banning the Philippines from joining any international pageants.

But according to AdoboChronicles, this alleged issue of banning the country is still unsure because there where no evidence and proof that says that this is true.

Source: Cracker Daily


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  1. Ban because of excessive winnings? Why? Our candidates do their best to win so they usually win so it's the other candidates or countries' fault for not trying too hard to win.

    1. Watch this video how Miss Universe Candidates Ignored Pia After the Pageant

      and this video that Miss Germany can't accept the fact about Miss Philippines Victory.

    2. Who care those loosers

  2. Why do they want to ban our country, Philippines from joining the pageant?? Is that because They have just taken the crown ?? or just because they can't just accept that philippines always deserves to win competition like this??? I think you should make your own crown for your selves... and not make any scenes that you've made to the people that is innocent...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I don't think that's true..Some countries even have schools to train their girls to be beauty queens..and Venezuela and Colombia have won a lot of crowns too..yet..they are not banned to join pageants..

  5. Adobo Chronicles is a SATIRE NEWS. lol don't take it as a "reliable" source.

  6. "But according to Adobo Chronicles..." Adobo Chronicle's misunderstood satire strikes again!

  7. Banning philippines from beauty pageants? This people are insecure... its the other countries model fault... they dont tried hard to win the pageant.... its about beauty eh.. also in answer and question must be coming from their own words and also it must be from their hearts...




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