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Controversial: Driver and Passengers Showed Disrespect For Old Lady!

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Elderly people have the same rights for their safety and security as anyone else, so help them to know their rights and services available to them. Respect is the key in preventing them from being badly treated by those people that surrounds them.

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Recently, a picture of an old lady sitting at the back of a running jeepney goes viral online. This is an example of disrespect for old people. The photo was uploaded by a concerned citizen, Marjohn Parayno Sante from Pangasinan last December 17, and looks like he’s telling how cruelty stands nowadays.

Even the senior citizen volunteered to sit at the back of the vehicle; it is still not right to let her be on that kind of dangerous situation. According to Sante, no one gave their sit for the old lady, she ride the jeep in that way from terminal in Jollibee, Calasiao and she waited to have her seat until there is a passenger who alights at Bued, Calasiao.

Sante wanted to let the people know what is happening in this generation. Every public transportation vehicles have priority seats for persons with disability, senior citizens and pregnant women but they didn’t prioritize it now.


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