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Controversial: Apparition of Jesus and Mother Mary Shows Inside Church!

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Photos were taken on February 12 during the worship to the most holy sacrament at Church of the Holy Child of Health in Monterrey located in Nuevo, Leon Mexico.

There have been many cases arise just like this. Many instances in different places that they said they saw Jesus or Mama Mary appear. But no one can wholly prove it because sometimes it’s really just a coincidence. It has always two sides.

Yes, there may be probabilities about that because it’s not impossible with God to make it happen because in the beginning they were also human just like us and remember that Jesus also became man. And maybe there were reasons behind those apparitions that happen around us; maybe God is trying to give us message in the midst of situations in our lives. It can also be one of those signs of His second coming. In that way, He can alarm some people who forgot Him and do things in their own way.

Just like what I’ve said, it has always two sides. The other is, it’s maybe just a fault in cameras or coincidence of some natural events. Because they put issues like this in an investigations.

And one more thing is that, this may be true or not, what’s important is we have God in our lives.

Miracle has found again. Well, there’s nothing wrong if you believe in it or not. Actually, there are many miracles happening in our everyday lives you might not see it, but it can be just in the little things.

Source: Radio Maria Ecuador


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  1. is there any video

  2. For me its true.... Mama Mary also appear in my dreams way back before and she was covered with a stunning light, so bright where i couldn't saw her face only figures like in the picture. She told me to tell people to have peace in our hearts and give peace to everyone..

  3. As a graphic artist for almost 6 years now. I can that say this is not edited.




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