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Another Viral Video from Ella Cruz! Find Out Why This Trends on Social Media!

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Once more, Ella Cruz has made a scorching hot dance cover of a hit song Body on Me! We've seen how Ella moved her hips to the hit song "Twerk It Like Miley," now, she has created a fresh routine of dancing! She also showcased her sexy and classy trademark moves which made her followers named her as the “Teen Dance Princess”. Ella proved in the video that she has fully recovered from her injury due to a stunt accident she suffered a few months ago.

She selected fellow actor Francis Magundayao as her special guest that made her fans and supporters even happier. Ella and Francis were former love team and they paired in several TV shows. Both of them show their sexy and smooth moves as they grooved their body to the music. People claimed that both of them still have the chemistry and still delightful to watch.

We all know for a fact that the followers of Ella have been constantly waiting for her to create new dance video. And the long wait is finally over! Watch as the Teen Dance Princess grooved with her former love team Francis.

Credits: Ella Cruz


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