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Amazing Roller Skaters Stuns the Whole Crowd With Their Breathtaking Performance!

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One of the best entertainment show around the world was came from the original "American got talent" which showcasing those exciting, extra ordinary and stunning performance from different place of the country. Many countries television company were amazed to this show's concept, and they introduced it to people as well.

Last time in Ukraine, from the talent show entitled "Georgia's Got Talent", crowd was amazed by this couple contestant who where using roller skate while they're dancing. At first, you will think that it is just a normal dancing talent. But you could notice that its quite different because they'll gonna dance above the round elevated wood.

 But, when they start to perform their dance, judges and crowd are seems like not breathing while watching every extreme moves and steps. The guy was the one who is controlling the whole dance while his carrying the girl.

They are spinning in their dangerously position, and what it more breathtaking scene? when the guy lifted the girl in several killing like position. Watch there whole performance and ready yourself to be amaze.

Source: Rizwan Gee

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