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Actual Video of Jesus Christ's Apparition Shows in the Sky Caused Debate in Social Media!

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Do you believe that Jesus Christ real? How strong is your faith to believe that this video is for real? What if you will witness this kind of thing while your are walking in one normal day then suddenly you saw this shiny crucifix from the sky? would you believe?

For many, this video is extremely unbelievable as it is showing one portion of the sky that has a reflection of light forming crucifix, the image of Jesus Christ was in it, people who believe in video says that this will just serve as a proof that Jesus Christ is alive.

Some people claims that it is the sign that the Lord is near to come on earth as it was written on the bible. This short clips will make you feel the presence of God. A simply thoughts: We never know if this video is real or fake, but the important thing is to have our faith and believe is always there even in our darkest days.
CRUCIFIX nagpakita sa kalangitan
Isa na namang milagro ang nakita sa kalangitan, makikita ang krus na nagliliwanag ang Crucifix, isang patunay na God is Alive..Type "AMEN" if you believe that God is good all the timeLike Us Trending Videos 19.25
Posted by Trending Videos 19.25 on Sunday, August 3, 2014

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