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200-Year-Old Mummified Monk Baffles Scientists After Finding Out that it's Still Alive!

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According to the ancient people, mummification should always done to a dead person in order for them to reach the afterlife. They believe that the dead person could only reach if they left bodies are recognizable.

A 200-year-old mummified monk was found in Mongolia, This monk was in lotus position. Buddhist and specialist believes that this position symbolizing the remains of the monk was just in deep-meditation as he is preparing to transform. But,many to the people of nearby the place of this monk's body believe that it still alive as it is taking the energy from its meditation for the spiritual state.

The mummification process of this monk is quite different, the people used animal skin and one of that is cattle skin to preserve the body of this monk. But, there is news saying that this preserved monk was stolen from the other country that is about to sell it. One man from Ulaanbatar plans to sell the body to black market.


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