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What This Man Did to Her While They Were Fighting Baffled and Enraged People on Social Media!

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Men should have taken care of women in any other way. They shouldn’t use their physical strength to hurt ladies intentionally. However, we can’t deny that this are happening when men has no choice but to do it to defend themselves.

This video is now going viral online showing that when people started recording it, the man has already attacked the woman with his full force and did not hesitate to throw her at the drainage. The reason why he did it to her has not been stated.

What This Man Did to Her While They Were Fighting Baffled and ...
Hindi ko alam ang kwento sa likod ng video na to, pero dapat ang babae minamahal at hindi sinasaktan. (y)
Posted by The Confidential Files on Saturday, November 21, 2015

However, this kind of assault should not be tolerated; even if it is the fault of the woman. No one from the people which surrounds them tried to stop the fight. Here, watch the video and feel free to comment what you can say about their case.


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