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What Santa Gave to These People Really is Unexpected! Watch This Amazing Video!

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Many of us believes that the true essence of Christmas was by sharing those things that we have to other people. Giving love is the most wonderful thing that people could ever do to celebrate it. It is also the way how we thank God for giving us Jesus Christ as our savior.

But when it comes to giving, everyone of us especially children knows a one person who is granting our request every Christmas and he is "Santa Claus". In an old story, Santa Claus is giving all our gifts a night before Christmas while everyone is asleep, but in reality, parents are just the one doing it.

Christmas Surprise
You will love this . . actual christmas magic :-D
Posted by Heart Thames Valley on Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Every Christmas, we also knew that a lot of people travel to celebrate this holiday together with their relatives or friends. Surprisingly, there is this one airline who conducted a "Santa Claus granting wishes " project, They've set up a box with monitor and talking Santa Claus, Before the passengers board the plane,They where asked by Santa if what they want during that Christmas. The WestJet airlines crews immediately shopped and wrapped all their material wishes of the passengers.

Amazing things happened when passengers reached their destination, Santa Claus came and give all their gifts, some of them wished for Flight tickets back to their place, iPod, iPhone, Sumsung Galaxy phones, and the biggest gift a LG flat screen TV. Watch how these things became possible.


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