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Watch out! Parasites that could invade Your Mouth, See Where it Came From!

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Every morning, brushing our teeth is always the first thing we do before we start our day. Experiencing toothaches will ruin your day.

However, there are anti-inflammatory drugs that we can take when we suffer from it, but what if brushing your teeth and taking medicine can’t relieve the pain? Check out your gums if there is something hiding on it.

A story of a 10 year old girl alarmed netizens for their oral hygiene. The girl complains there are things that are moving on her mouth. And it comes to the point that no matter how they brushed her teeth, she still felt something.

When they went to the dentist, they found out her condition. She was diagnosed with a rare disease; she suffered from Oral Myiasis, which caused by larvae of certain dipterans flies. In this case the oral cavity of the patient was invaded by the parasites. An expert says that it more likely to occur in developing countries, where hygiene and sanitation is worse. The dentist pulled out 15 maggots on her mouth.

They took the video (even though it is really disgusting) for their record as it is a rare occurrence.

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