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Watch How This Man Proves What a Boyfriend Should Do in Times of Need!

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In a relationship it should always composed of two person who are truly in-love for each other or if not the other side might look for someone they really belong to be with. Cheating to someone is one of the offensive thing that anyone should learn to avoid. There should always a right way of exiting the current relationship before entering the new one or else ready yourself for the consequences.

On this video the girlfriend of the guy was attacked by this girl, But it's obvious that he still love is girlfriend by protecting her. On the video, you can hear that many people are saying "Why did you do that?" after he avoided his girlfriend to the new girl's punches. 

This video that was posted by Bryan Silva are now circulating the social media, many people are defending how the boy still loved the girl, some people thoughts saying he might not be really cheating on her, its just the girl reacted violently after she gets jealous seeing his guy with another girl. How would you react on this case if you're in his situation? 

This man is real af for protecting his girl mad respect
Posted by Bryan Silva on Monday, September 14, 2015

Source: Bryan Silva

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  1. hahaha aral muna bago gawa article.. wala kaming maintidhan

  2. Ang bobo mag english punyeta. Aral muna. Pwede namang magtagalog na lang eh. Trying hard masyado

  3. Gosh!!!Grammar lapses everywhere!




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