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Watch How This Holdaper Gets a Bullet on His Chest By His Own Victim!

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Planning something bad? Well rethink about your plan and it might be better if you would not give a damn about it after watching this video.

Having a gun means responsibility for the owner and the added protection as well, especially if you are really in a life threatening situation that involves human that has bad motives unto you and want to take advantage of your innocence.

This video will show how can situation turns back to you specially if you mean harm to others. As one robber tries to rob three guys on waiting at a auto shop. He tried to scare these guys and took advantage of their belongings.

Guys were raising hands as a show of surrender to the authority of the robber.The robber thought that he got a hold of the situation not until the scenario changed and get out of his control as one of the victim has a gun and suddenly fights back and shoot him without any hesitation.
Street Justice !
Gone in 25 seconds. Isang kawatan na naman ang minalas ng tangkain holdapin ang mga costumer sa isang auto shop. Mauubos din kayo.Like & Share Ikwento Mo Kay Delio for more videos
Posted by Ikwento Mo Kay Delio on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

So for those people who's planning to do wrong things for a living, This video might help you changing your way of life and try to work honestly for a living or else you might be caught in the same situation like this guy on this video.


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