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Viral: Live Footage of Hostage Drama! Watch How these Policemen Ended the Scene!

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The hostage taking of a suspect under the influence of drugs against the 11-year old girl was caught on cam. It shows that when the video was started, it appears that the hostage taking have already been struck up.

The hostage taker pointed the knife at the heart of his helpless victim to threaten the policemen not go near to him. This incident almost puts the life of the little girl in danger, especially when one of the bystanders shoot the suspect behind, but he missed it which leads the suspect to act violently.

kidnapper got kill
Posted by Kao K Saechao on Wednesday, November 11, 2015
The policemen tried to negotiate with the suspect for several times, but he refused which forced them to make a risky move just to stop him.

While the negotiator is talking to the suspect, the sniper slowly comes up on the opposite side of the wall behind the suspect and shoot him to end up the hostage taking.

Source: Kao 


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