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Viral: Baby's Brain Tumor Shrinks After a Kiss from Pope! There is Another Hope!

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Gianna is a Pennsylvania infant battling an inoperable tumor that developed only weeks after birth when her red blood cells attacked her brain stem. She has endured multiple chemotherapy treatments, but in August a brain scan showed a thriving tumor and doctors said she only had months to live.

At the assembly, the Philadelphia Police Department called the popemobile over to the area where the Masciantonios were standing and Pope Francis spotted Gianna. The parents handed their daughter to the Pope’s bodyguard and the Pope gave the baby Gianna a kiss.

Now two months later, Gianna Masciantonio seems to be on the mend as her tumor has disappeared to a size so small that it’s practically non-existent. Her devout Catholic parents, Joey and Kristen Masciantonio, believe the Pope’s ‘healing powers’ are responsible for this kind of miracle for Gianna.

A kiss of hope from Pope. Watch how God works…

Credits: Fox News

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