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This Man Shows How to Get your Crush Just By Teasing Her on Facebook!

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Courting is the way to get your crush or desired girl to like you. It even gives you a chance to get you even closer to her just by using the traditional ways of courting.

But in today's generation, we opt to do something new and different as the fast changing technology puts himself to the place where everyone needs it couldn't do anything without it. Well, we all know how this helps them communicate with the girl that they wanted without exerting too much effort.

Read all these conversation and be fascinated by the way this man court the girl he's been hitting on. This might look naughty but it really do works for her.

There are different things that a lady would love on a man, but there's nothing wrong when trying something new. Just make sure that it's the right girl for the technique that you planned when you started courting her.



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  1. sus ! Nakabase yan sa girl >.< walang Mauuto kung walang magpapauto >.<

  2. stain action bulataoNovember 11, 2015 at 9:07 PM

    gandahan nyo pa script para mas kapani paniwala.

  3. panget....hindi siya nakakakilig....parang mas nakakabastos pa nga eh.

  4. wala akong naintindihan! #SinglePoreber

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. saksakan ng korni! potah!

  7. To get the girl u like First u love God more than anything, u have to know how respect her care bout her show her that u wont cheat or flirt with other girl accept everything about her bad or good things if u see her mistakes forgive her love her teach her what is right, be her light and never hurt her if u know all of this then ur the best man

  8. Applicable lang eto sa ka level mu na babae
    Like if you're a dog, chances are you can only attract you're fellow dog
    I don't even know why this becomes a matter for discussion. hhahahaha
    I think pang ALdub, Yayadub or pastillas girl etc kind of audience lang eto

  9. d po uubra yan seryoso realtalk :D

  10. Plot twist ... Poser pala c girl...hahaha­čśé




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