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This Guy Shows How He Became a Better Man After His Girlfriend's Surprising Announcement!

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Many young teen couples nowadays tend to meet their early responsibilities being a parent, it is due to giving too much love or worst thing is they're just curious about doing sexual intercourse. We always hear from our parent's teaching that we should study hard in order for us to get a better job that can sustain the needs of our future families.

The story of this guy who's a former student of FEU that will surely give you lesson in life. They says, that love can change you to everything that you will never thought you could be. This guy was became the worst of his worst before he finally realized the value of his girlfriend to his life.

The relationship of this young couple will give you some inspiration that life will never have its end at the beginning, we cannot say what will happen next, if they don't love us today maybe we can still continue showing them our faithfulness and love so tomorrow we will wake up that they already saw our true value in their lives.

Positive "4yrs. ang age gap namin ng girlfriend ko. By that time I met her she was only 15, junior student siya sa...
Posted by FEU Secret Files on Monday, August 17, 2015

There's nothing wrong about trying, This story is for everyone especially to those who are longing for real love and for all the young couples out there.

Credits: FEU Secret Files


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