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This Doctor Accidentally Removed Infant’s Head during Delivery!

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The most awaited moment of Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette finally comes, but their moment that suppose to be happy turns into most awful experience when the doctor accidentally removes their baby’s head during delivery.

Missouri couple filed a case against obstetricians that are responsible for the incident. On their statement, they allegedly said that Dr. Gilbert Webb and Susan Moore insisted them to perform normal delivery instead of cesarean. At first, Dr. Moore tells that the baby will have to be delivered via cesarean, but when the mother prematurely went into labor, Dr. Webb refuses to do cesarean.

The reason why the baby needs to deliver via cesarean is because of his abnormally large abdomen. But then, this doctor insisted what he wants that leads them to an incident like this. During the delivery, the body of the child stuck on the birth canal, reasons for Dr. Webb to applied traction to the child’s head but at this point, the infant was accidentally decapitated.

The worst part here is when after the head was removed, Dr. Webb simply tried to put it back and the body of the baby into birth canal and that’s the only time he called for an emergency C-section.


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