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This Cute Little Boy Don't Know How to Blow His Candle... Watch What Daddy Did to Help Him!

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It was a great feeling whenever we have to blow our cake's candle on our birthdays. We are all excited to make a wish and blow the candle after, or we're just too excited to eat the cake.  In this video, a cute little boy Marty that turns 2 years old, his parents gave him a small cupcake with candle on the top for him to blow but it seems so difficult for him to do it.

Marty was very excited to eat his cake but he has to blow the candles first. After the happy birthday sang by his parents, Marty just stares into the flame of the candle seems like he's thinking how the air will comes out from his mouth.  He even tries to inhale the flame but his father immediately held his face to stop him before he burn his face.

This is what dads are for.
Posted by College Candy on Tuesday, September 22, 2015
As usual our father will make a way and save us from our difficulties and life, He grab a straw for Marty and put it in his mouth to help him concentrate the air n one portion to blow out the air. They are really cute in this video.


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