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The Story of this Heroic 7-Year-Old Boy Who Took Care of His Bedridden Father Will Surely Make You Cry!

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One of the rights of a child was to complete his childhood stage with full of happiness by playing and attending to his class. Enjoyment during childhood was the best stage to gain a lot of knowledge that will leads them for stronger tomorrow. But, not for this 7 year old little boy from southwest of china.

Ou Yanglin is just a 7 year old kid who had no choice but to work and study for his father that had been injured. Ou Tongming, a 37 year old laborer from Wangpu village in southwest China Guizhou province was accidentally plunged from the second floor of the building.

His case was very sensitive that tends to let him stay bedridden. He is suffering from spinal cord injury that paralyzed his waist down to the feet. 

After the incident, Tongming's wife fled together with their 3 year old daughter but she left Yanglin to look after to her bedridden husband. From then, Yanglin decided to take all the responsibilities even in his younger age. 
Every morning before he go to school, he will cook and feed his father first. Then after his class he will walk around their campus to collect all the scrap which he exchange for money.

Yanglin said on his interview that he can not leave without his father, and he wants to grow faster to work more to cure the injury of his father.

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