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The Story of a Man who First Met a Girl Alone But Finds Out Something Even More!

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This short film will surely give you unusual love story, One time, there was guy who's wandering around the lake before he saw this beautiful girl swimming on it. He tried to hide himself from her, but then the girl still saw him and asked to show off himself, You could really see in his face the love at first sight moment.

After a while, they got a very nice conversation until they introduced their names to each other. Anna was girl name and charlie is the guy, Charlie said that he will return again tomorrow on that day and if she's still there, he has no choice but to see her again. Anna said that she will always be there.

But on his way back home, he saw this mysterious man who's always there around the lake. This man said that he must not go back in that lake anymore. The next day when they met again, he asked Anna regarding this man. Charlie was so surprised when Anna said that, the mysterious man was his strict father.
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Watch this Unexpected short film of Hopia from Going Bulilit!
Posted by Pinoy Dubsmash on Thursday, November 5, 2015

Everything for Charlie was so amazing, it seems like a fairy tale story that happened to them. Not until something happened while there at the cliff side of the lake. Watch what will happen next.

Credits: Pinoy Dubsmash


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