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The Story Behind this Photo Will Surely Give You Another Reason to Laugh!

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At this point of time in our busy life, we tend to take our meals on those fast food restaurants which just let us consumed so many calories in our bodies. Bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle that leads us to gain and gain more fats.

Even though there are a lot of machines now that you can use to lose weight, some people still doesn't found yet their true motivations in doing it that's why they failed and never try it again.  But the best thing to do is to find or hire some who can help you increase your interest. 

A Coach or Trainer are those who will surely boost your motivation and helps you build yourself they way it really should be. Mostly, they are giving their trainee a certain program which they'll monitor all the time.

But there is this fun techniques from one fitness company. This was offered only for all the guys, Read their hilarious program that surely you'll gonna get. 


Weight Loss Program

A guy calls a company and orders their 5-day, 5lbs weight loss program.

The next day, there's a knock on the door and there stands before him a voluptuous, athletic, 19 year old babe dressed in nothing but a pair of Nike running shoes and a sign around her neck..

She introduces herself as a representative of the weight loss company. The sign reads, "If you can catch me, you can have me."

Without a second thought, he takes off after her. A few miles later puffing and puffing, he finally gives up. The same girl shows up for the next four days and the same thing happens. On the fifth day, he weighs himself and is delighted to find he has lost 5lbs as promised.

He calls the company and orders their 5-day/10lbs program. The next day there's a knock at the door and there stands the most stunning, beautiful, sexy woman he has ever seen in his life. She is wearing nothing but Reebok running shoes and a sign around her neck that reads, "If you catch me you can have me".

Well, he's out the door after her like a shot. This girl is in excellent shape and he does his best, but no such luck. So for the next four days, the same routine happens with him gradually getting in better and better shape.

Much to his delight on the fifth day when he weighs himself, he discovers that he has lost another 10lbs as promised. He decides to go for broke and calls the company to order the 7-day/25 lbs program.

"Are you sure?" asks the representative on the phone. "This is our most rigorous program." "Absolutely," he replies, "I haven't felt this good in years."

The next day there's a knock at the door; and when he opens it he finds a huge muscular guy standing there wearing nothing but pink running shoes and a sign around his neck that reads, "If I catch you, you are mine."

He lost 33 lbs that week.

Credit: Gary Stokes

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