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Students went Crazy Because of this Hot and Sexy Teacher!

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This teacher turns model because of her sexy and gorgeous photo shoots. She became famous online after her admirers and students uploaded her photos wearing tight and sexy gym suits. The well-known university teacher is none other than Xu Dongxiang. Despite of her sexy looks, she still gained the respect of people at Dalian University in China where she teaches.

At the age of 23, Xu Dongxiang was already a model part timer, graduated from Nanjing University of the Arts; she became superstar at Dalian University and even in Weibo, China’s social media site, just like Twitter.

Currently, Xu has already gathered 250,000 followers and still counting on her Weibo’s profile. Because of this accidental popularity, she now had begun her career as an actress in local movies and TV series in China.

Source: Tomo News


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