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Shocking News: Adolf Hitler Fakes His Death? Find Out Here!

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Adolf Hitler was an Austrian-born German politician leader of Nazi Party (NSDAP), it is the organization which handling different parties that fought against the communist uprisings in post-World War I Germany. This aims to act as anti-big business, anti-bourgeois, anti-capitalist. There are many things that this party wants to proclaim, and one of this is to remove Jews from Germany.

He had been considered as dictator of many citizen in Germany, believing that she has done nothing but war in their country. But there are still people who defended him saying that he has a good intention for his country, even he was agreed that Jewish should not stay in Germany, He never asked to kill all remaining Jewish. He also tried to prevent destruction of his fellow European, he uses planes to gave fliers that could help prevent the tension between Germany and Britain fights.

For almost thirteen years he handled this party, but it could still last long nit until he committed suicide. But recently, every one was shocked when FBI released the documents that prove Hitler was not dead and the government knows it for a long time. It seems possible that this man was escaped the war torn of Germany and just lived a peaceful life on the foothill of Andes Mountain. The whole death evidence of him was just all fake.


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