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Sen.Tito Sotto Finally Responds on the Muslim Garment Issue!

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Sen.Tito Sotto
 is one the oldest member of the longest running noontime show in Philippine television and yearly every Halloween they are required to wear their own costume, Last Saturday on their episode of Eat Bulaga Sen.Tito Sotto and Joey De leon worn the Arabic clothing  which is called "thobe".

But finally Sen.Tito Sotto speaks for this issue, On his post at Instagram, HE said that the costume was a gift from Sheikh Shawaf of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and to give him a smile Sen.Tito Sotto worn it also to gave him honor.  His reaction about the matter was posted last Nov.1,2015 together with his picture wearing the thobe beside Alden Richard.

According to him he had been wearing this costume for fifteen years up to now, but many are still claiming that they disrespected the sacred purpose of wearing those thobe. But many immediately defend the Sen. and Joey from those who are interrogating them.

Some people believed that wearing those clothes are for the sense to scare people, but others quickly defend that Halloween yearly celebration for a chance of one can be who or what he/she wanted to be by wearing costumes.

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  1. Hahahah pahiya lang. . Wag kaseng masyadong nagrereact .. Lalo lang napaghahalataan na disperado kaung usikat sa maling pamamaraan.. Kung gusto nyong sumikat gumawa kau ng magandang issue wag ung ikasisira ng kapwa nyo.. Wala talagang gamot sa inngit. Kundi ang manirat manlait.. Kapag d sila nakapanlait mamamatay sila. Kase un lang gamot na pwde sa sakit nila. My god. .

  2. Wala nmn masama na isuot ang traditional clothes ng arab country unless tuwang tuwa pa nga sila.andito ako ngayun sa meadle east saudi arabia kaya alam ko yan.

  3. Lagi kong suot suot ang pula at puting tela na gamit sumbrero pàng suport sa init sa trabaho.pag nakikita nila natutuwa pa nga sila kc para sa kanila tinatanggap mo ang cultura nila

  4. The thing is,.. the idea of Halloween is something scary and portraying ghost and all that kind of frightening thing and wearing this Muslim clothes which is a symbol of purity is something disrespectful because you are educating the public that this kind of clothes is a ghost clothing and anyone who wears it is a ghost.

    This is clear discrimination, bias stereotyping and bigotry towards us Muslim. This costume called “Thob” is something sacred to us Muslim as this is the clothing of our beloved prophet and all Prophets including Prophet Isa “Jesus” (Peace be upon Him). Be sensitive enough and have a little respect.

    What if this careless insensible celebrity wears the costume of the Pope, don’t you be offended.?

    1. Very well said.

    2. Pero, hindi bat sa modern halloween eh hindi lang nakakatakot na personality ang pwede mo impersonate. Kagaya ng mga bata na naghahaloween costume as Disney princes and princesses or beloved cartoon characters. di porket ginaya ang kasuotan sa halloween eh masama na yung character

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I think that he is wearing it at the wrong time when all the others in the show are wearing Haloween costumes which are usually devil-inspired or scary costumes. I just could not accept his double-talk that he is actually trying to honor the giver of the thobe when the circumstances clearly show otherwise




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