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Rude Kid Lets Her Disabled Mother Kneel Just Because She Can't Buy Her a New Phone!

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We should always honor our parents and their big role in our life.Everyone should show the utmost gratitude to our parents for giving us the chance to live in this world.Let us be grateful and must always looking forward on giving back to our parents the care and love they have given us throughout or lives but this girl in the picture seems to be confused of that principle.

Image Credit: Viral4Real
The girl on the pictures below might have understood that principle the other way around and not as it should be done.

This rude 15-year-old girl just lets her disabled mother knelt for so long while she's keep on blaming her for their life situation that causes her not to have an Expensive phone.
Image Credit: Viral4Real
Her hopeless mother just continuously knelt and asked for forgiveness because she really can't provide her that expensive phone.

It is really mournful to know that a lot of children nowadays became so disrespectful when it comes to not receiving or achieving what they want.

Source: Viral4Real


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  1. NAKO kabataan talaga grabe naman wala ng respeto at pinapahiya pa nya mama nya tsk..... sana wala ng ganyan kawawa yung mga parents na may anak na ganyan .... di na naawa may kapansanan pa magulang nya haist ....

  2. Grabi na bata! tsk. kawawa naman, pero for sure sa pagpapalaki nyan may mali rin.

  3. a Facebooker namely as Chalee Bee Ngam, clearly stated that it was just a misunderstanding on the part of the one who took the photograph.
    On his timeline, Ngam posted the censored photo of the mother and daughter and told everyone to stop spreading lies.
    He said that the guy who posted the original photo, already apologizes because he only made up the story, for these two were just plain talking.
    It was known that the woman who was the girl's step mom was disabled and can't walk like a normal person do and usually moves around, kneeling.
    A friend who knows the girl, stepped up and made it clear to everybody that the story was indeed, not true.

  4. I think this story is just made up. I mean look at the mom's legs. She probably couldn't stand properly even if she tries. And how the heck does the writer know the kid ia 15? She looks more like 10. Seems like that's juat how her kom walks around and she's talking to her daughter and someone took a picture of them ti make up a story =/ i'll only believe this if it has a video.




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