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Picture of Ghost Captured on One School in Baguio City !

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Baguio is known for its cold weather found in higher north part of the Philippines. The city was labeled as "Summer capital of the Philippines" because most tourist visit this place during hot season. But, even the places here are good to visit, it is not new for us to hear those ghost stories from this place.

One Netizen uploaded the creepy pictures captured by her own phone on one classroom of Saint Louis University, Baguio City while she was doing her practice last November 20, 2015. According to her post on " The Louisian Files" page, these pictures was taken just a second apart.

At the first picture, you could notice that there is a young girl's head outside the window of the classroom. Then, after her second shot it was gone. She was totally frightened to what she saw. She insisted that she never did anything to those pictures. 

She added that she doesn't want everybody to believe her but to share what she saw. Check for yourself if it is real or not.


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