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Liza Soberano Trends Online Because of this Video... Watch and Find Out Why!

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Metrobank Card Corp. recently announced that they will launch its latest card service to the public. The Yazz prepaid Visa card, for the national financial program in the country. They wanted to bring a very convenient mode of payment for every store as they've been partners to many merchandise outlets.

A part of the advertisement, Liza Soberano was asked to pretend to be a barista in one Tea shop. They are looking for someone who would really insist that she is Liza even she will say that her name is Marga Dela Paz. She will also distract them from what they are doing.

Many of her fans in the shop was totally shock and starstruck to her beauty. Some cried because they couldn't believe that its really happening. Obviously, many people noticed that she is Liza but only few insisted. They choose the one person and reward him with The Yazz card that has ten thousand balance inside.

Credits: Yazz Card

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