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James Reid and Ellen Adarna Made Controversies After This One Leaked on Social Media!

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We can not deny that in showbiz once you are shining so bright the more people will throw you some unbelievable accusation, especially those who are really good i  this field. Just like the one of the hottest love team of all season JaDine.

Last time, James Reid the partner of Nadine Lustre was carrying the issue that he was courting and dating another showbiz personality Elen Adarna and aside from that one picture proves that they went to a bar together. This picture on Instagram of Elen Adarna went very viral online.

People and fans are starting to speak and defend James for this issue, A lot of them says that they are really good friends since before. but there are still people who are saying that James should be just together with Nadine instead.


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