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Jam Sebastian's Image Appeared in Yexel and Mikee's Photo with Fans!

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We all know how Jam and Yexel Sebastian's closeness as brothers, we've witness how touching are those videos they created. For almost two years, Jam struggled a Lung cancer disease that also leads to his death. March 04, 2015 when his mother Maricar Sebastian announced that he passed away after a week they buried his body at manila memorial park.

Photo Credit : Yexel Sebastian
Now, its been how many months since he had left the family, His brother Yexel still reminiscing his good memories at all times, It is truly unbelievable things that happened in their real life. But last time, yexel received a picture from someone in his inbox.
Photo Credit : Yexel Sebastian

Picture was taken from one of their mall show when he was together with his girlfriend Mikee Agustin, The picture was showing that they're on the crowd with a guy encircled part.

Yexel said to his post that this guy really looks like Jam from a far. At first, he thought that the picture sender was just a fan showing his present on the crowd but when he looked into it closely it was the image of Jam. It seems like Jam just visited Yexel with his happy smile.

Credit : Yexel Sebastian


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