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Inconsiderate Thief Seen Doing Her Modus on CCTV! What She Did Dumbfound Everyone!

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We must be vigilant especially when there are other people that surround us. There’s nothing safer than being aware of the things that could happen to us. We are in a place where “trust” is very difficult to find. We saw in our TV screen how some of our citizens turned into a thief, rapist and even a killer. It’s hard to accept what the world is turning into. 

As we focused our sight in a bigger picture, we suddenly realize that there is no safe place. Even in malls, parking lots and restaurants, we sometimes acquire a bad experience. Some of these bad experiences are paying bills became doubled with the original amount, bad parking lot, ruthless service attendant and many more.

But what captured the netizen’s attention is the video that wandering around the cyberspace. It was caught in CCTV camera how the woman smoothly made her modus in one of the mall store. She was in the cashier patiently waiting to pay her bill. Time came that it was her turn to pay her purchase; she handed out the money to the cashier and waited for her change.

In an instant, she was able to keep 500 pesos in her bag and bragged to the cashier that she has not enough change. Shocked by the incident, the cashier immediately counts the money and handed over another 500 peso bill. The woman was able to escape and left the cashier with no idea that she was victimized by her customer.

Attention to all Cashier/Service Crew out there...Tignan nyong mabuti kung sino ang mga customer na kaharap nyo kasi...
Posted by Trending Pinoy Videos on Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Watch and be aware of the person in the video!

Credits: Trending Pinoy Videos

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