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Hunt on a Man Who Threatens a Lady that He Will Burn Down Her House for a Baffling Reason!

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There are people who threatens others for the sake of their needs which obviously started from the day we started learning until today. Maybe to be seen as superior and not just a douche bag that everyone could step onto and this is known today as Bullying.

But when you've reached the right age, you are now accountable of your actions. This is not just a game nor a simple joke cause there are people out there that has medical condition which could affect their health when feeling threatened.

Just like what happened to this awful lady who was rushed into the hospital after a man named Daniel Romasanta de Guzman threatens her that he will burn down her house if she didn't gave him what she wants.

Read the story of what did happened which was posted by Sha Sena after her mother was brought to the hospital.
MAG-INGAT PO KAYO SA TAONG 'TOSiya si Daniel Romasanta de Guzman. Siya yung text ng text sa mom ko umaga ng November...
Posted by Sha Seña on Saturday, November 21, 2015

Now, the man was being hunted by the people especially on social media in hope that they could bring him to the authorities so that he will never gonna victim anymore innocent lives.

Credits: Sha Seña


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