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Heartbreaking Reality Seen on Screen After Placing a Camera on 98 Years Old Woman's Home!

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We cannot say when or where we gonna die, but surely everyone of us will reach our oldest age. This short film produced from production house in Brooklyn, New York named Voyager entitled "Junk Mail" will give a very sad views of our Grandparents doing in there lonely lives if we just left them alone.

It's really hard to see those people who'd take care of us for a long time then was just left behind. Lucky thing that there is this kind of home for the elderly who are ready to listen, take care and love them even they don't connect in blood.

You could see in this video how weak and dull the life of many Grandparents, The reason why they're alone, most of their families already have their own family and they think that its not good anymore for them to join their homes.

Even they like to be with their love ones, many doesn't want them to have anymore. And that is so heartbreaking. If you still have Grandparents please come to them and show them your love before its too late. And believe that if you do good things to them now, someday when you grow older, you will surely experience the same way you treated them.

Source: GodVine


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  1. so heart-touching... I love my granda and will always be :'(

  2. Kathryn BernardoMay 4, 2016 at 1:32 PM

    love your grandma's and grandpa's until its too late.. I love you both :')




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