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Edited Photos of a Couple By Senyora Santibanez Now the Hottest Issue Online!

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We known Angelica Santibanez / Senyora of Mexican telenovela Marimar as a snobbish and stereotypical arrogant plantation owner. But, Philippines also has the version of her online. Senyora Santibanez Page on facebook (which is not really owned by her) shows a lot of sarcastic and funny pictures that will surely make you laugh.

Grace ann Cacnio, a facebook user receives funny edited pictures of her and her boyfriend after she asked senyora santibanez about the famous tag line "forever", the photos are now circulating online and people starting to share their own creation of edited pictures. See for yourself the pictures that many people exerted efforts just to do it.

This running gag fan page creates and discuss different topics or issues in the Philippines that usually funny or freely. You could read more comments and reactions about some hottest issues online. The page aims to copy the image of Senyora Santibanez, that's why you have expect that if you asked something to her weird answer or funny things will surely follow. Just like this girl who asked her if she believes in "forever".


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