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Drag Racing Victory Turns into Nightmare!

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Street racing is unsafe and illegal form of motor racing that mostly held on any public road. It's dangerous and accident prone activity that could lead to someone's death is the main concern of the government officials, that's why they never stop warning those hard headed people who are still coordinating this kind of activity.

For some viewers that is watching it live, its just like a pastime that extremely building up their tension. At the same time, some people are gambling their money, betting who'll win the race.

But the tragic death of the person will surely make you feel shock. The guy on the video was accidentally hit by the racer, over his excitement to the race after first racer passed in front of him, he immediately walked to the center of the track, he forgot that there are still racer who didn't finish the race yet.

This is why mom and dad tought us to look before to cross a street! :O
Posted by Renaud Margry on Monday, November 16, 2015

Due to strong impact both of them (the racer and him) crashed to the floor while the motor is continuously moving. People in the area immediately grabbed and brought them to the hospital. Both of them have serious broken neck and legs but the racer .

Credits: Renaud Margy


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  1. yan ang napapala ng mga ignoranteng audience pagdating sa mga ganyan..




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