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Creepy Photo of a Man Shot Dead and Seen Looking at His Own Remains!

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Last October 31,2015 an incident happened in front of North Olympus Subdivision, Quezon City. According to some witness this guy was shot straight on his head of the unknown person. His blood was scattered around the floor due to the strong impact from the blast of the bullet to his head. This case was still under investigation

But the scariest thing about the incident was when one witness took a picture of him while someone who has the same features (same skin color, shirt, pants and head) of him staring at the body at the actual scene when he's still lying on the ground. People who saw the picture thought that it was the victim's soul.

We heard a lot of stories about ghost in the pictures, some of them are real, but because of the modern technologies nowadays its hard to believe which are those real and fake. See for yourself if this is true or not.


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