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Controversial: Rude X Factor Finalist Pushed Away '4th Impact'

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Filipinos are getting too popular when it comes to international competitions. Just like this all girl group named 4th Impact who's making Pinoys proud after reaching X Factor UK and currently making their name bigger as they continues to fight for their own battle.

But recently, controversial video came out on social media involving one of the contestants of the said competition known as Lauren Murray.

The video Shows how she shoves away one of the member of the group after approaching her with such excitement to give her a hug.

Watch this video and be the judge whether it's just an accident or she intended to do this rude act.

Credits: Sam Well

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  1. She was like "move over bitch my name's going to be called"

  2. Sad to say but.. British/English people are Racist AF!! Real Talk




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