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Controversial: Bisexual Film of Donnalyn Bartolome that Was Based on Her Real Experiences Trends Online!

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We couldn't deny how the Internet affects the behavior of each and every Filipinos in our country. People even had a chance to show what they feel with the help of LGBT because of this.

Obviously, people around the world are now becoming even more open-minded about others for being "Bisexual".
This Film with Donnalyn Bartolome entitled 'ATE aka BIG SISTER' really tackles the issue as it was based on her real experiences. Watch and show this to your friends to give them enough knowledge about LGBT.

This film was created last 2013 when Donnalyn was only 18 years old which showcased her real life story for having different romantic affairs with the same gender. She even confirmed that she's bisexual on her twitter account, but still find guys more attractive than girls.

Source: When in Manila


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