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Chinese Man Fulfills His Last Wish By Marrying a Real Life Doll... The Reason Why Baffled Everyone!

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One of the greatest dream of every person is to meet their future someone together with their own children. Family that could give so much happiness and a home that full of love. Everyone of us has our own choice to feel and think who is the right person for this position in our lives. But, maybe not all are choosing a human just like this Chinese man who chooses to marry his sex doll.

Yes! you read it right, One Chinese man married to his doll. This unidentified man was diagnosed with terminal stage of cancer. His frustration to have a wife before he dies leads him to marry his doll. He was so depressed after the doctor told him that he only have few months to live in this earth.

This twenty-eight year old man believed that he can still fulfill his life even if he has no real wife. He also bought a little girl doll to complete their family. In life, we have our own way to achieve and get the happiness that we want for as long as we think positively so that we can still have it before we leave this earth. 

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